Adam Munson
Tom Degnan
Tom Degnan as Adam Munson
As the World Turns
Portrayed by: Philip Webster Smith IV (1988-1989)
Michael Zderko (1989-1995)
Harry Zittel (1996-1998)
Matthew Marrison (2006)
Matt Cavenaugh (2006-2007)
Tom Degnan (2009)
Duration: 1988-1998, 1998-2002, 2006-2007
& 2009
First appearance: September 8, 1988
Last appearance: September 30, 2009
Cause/reason: Left town
Created by: Douglas Marland
Family: Crawford family
Dixon family
Munson family
Full name: Adam Christopher Harold Munson
Other names: Adam Hughes [1]
Riley Morgan (alias)
Gender: Male
Born: September 8, 1982
(originally September 8, 1988)
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Parents: Harold "Hal" Munson Jr.
(father, deceased)
Margo Montgomery
Thomas "Tom" Hughes
Siblings: Nicole "Nikki" Munson
(paternal half-sister)
Jennifer Munson
(paternal adopted half-sister, deceased)
Casey Hughes
(maternal half-brother)
William "Will" Munson
(paternal half-brother)
Parker Snyder
(paternal half-brother)
Lien Hughes
Daniel Hughes
Marital status: Single
Grandparents: Harold Munson Sr.
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Louise Munson
(paternal grandmother, deceased)
John Dixon Sr.
(maternal grandfather)
Lyla Crawford
(maternal grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Claire Munson
(paternal aunt)
Craig Montgomery
(maternal uncle)
Ian "Duke" Kramer
(maternal uncle)
Cricket Montgomery
(maternal aunt)
Andrew "Andy" Dixon
(maternal uncle)
Kathryn "Katie" Peretti
(maternal aunt)
Matthew John "M.J." Dixon
(maternal uncle)
John "Johnny" Dixon Jr.
(maternal uncle, deceased)

Nieces & nephews: John "Johnny" Montgomery
(adopted nephew)
William "Billy" Norbeck
(nephew, deceased)
Hallie Munson
(adopted niece)
Cousins: Tess Shelby
(paternal cousin)
Cassidy "Cassie" Shelby
(paternal cousin)
Rebecca "Becky" Shelby
(paternal cousin)
David "Davey" Shelby
(paternal cousin)
Benjamin "Ben" Shelby Jr.
(paternal cousin)
Bryant Montgomery
(maternal cousin, deceased)
Lucinda "Lucy" Montgomery
(maternal cousin)
Gabriel Caras
(maternal cousin)
John "Johnny" Montgomery
(maternal cousin)
William "Billy" Ross
(maternal cousin)
Suzanne "Suzie" Ross
(maternal cousin)
Hope Dixon
(maternal cousin)
Jacob Snyder
(maternal cousin)
Romances: Abigail "Abby" Williams
Brandy [Last name unknown]
Jade Taylor

Adam Munson is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns.

Actor History:

  • Philip Webster Smith (1988-1989; recurring)
  • Michael Zderko (1989-1995; recurring)
  • Harry Zittel (1996-1998; recurring)
  • Craig Lawlor (05/1998-05/2002 & 10/2002)
  • Matthew Morrison (10/2006-11/2006; recurring)
  • Matt Cavenaugh (11/2006-03/2007; recurring)
  • Tom Degnan (06/2009-09/2009; recurring)

Character History:


  1. Name when believed to be Thomas "Tom" Hughes's child.